Insider Travel Tip Hawaii

I’ve got a hot Hawaii travel tip for you.If you’ve never been to the Big Island of Hawaii, you’ve just got to go and see it for yourself.There are two distinct sides of the island, each with it’s own unique flavour and topography.The first time we went to Hawaii, in the late 1970′s, we stayed for two nights in a hotel in Hilo and then rented a motor home for the remainder of the two weeks there.It was a great way to go.We’d never been to Hawaii and had no idea of where we would want to spend time. The purpose of the motor home was to allow us to travel all around the island seeing all the sights, beaches and deciding where we would like to visit on future trips.Before going on the trip, we hadn’t done any research and we traveled across the northern part of the island, through the Parker Ranch. (it’s huge and it’s just one great big pasture)The next thing we came upon were cactus! What? Cactus on the island of Hawaii? The Kona side of the island is desert like and the lava that’s strewn around makes it look like you’re on the moon.It was a total surprise to us.We stayed on the Kona side a few days enjoying the most perfect weather you could ask for along with getting to know some of the Hawaiian people.It was a wonderful experience seeing Black Sand Beach, Green Sand Beach and eating breakfast at the Volcano House. (that was our first taste of the wonderful Hawaiian Sweet Bread that we’ve grown to love so much)When we turned in the motor home and flew off to spend the rest of the vacation in hotels, we thought this would be a great Hawaii travel tip to pass along to others.Rent a motor home and see all you can take in during your first trip so you’ll know where you really want to spend time the next time you return…and you will return, I guarantee it.

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