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5 Top Internet Marketing Tips 99 Percent Don’t Take Advantage Of

Whether you are new to online marketing, or whether you are on your fifth successful website, it is important to stay abreast of helpful Internet marketing tips. Every week – even every day – brings new technologies and new opportunities for you to take control of your niche. And if you aren’t paying attention to what’s working, you can be sure that your top competition is. You want to dominate your niche, so here are five tips that can help you keep your edge.

1. Before you go live, put together a plan to promote your website and to design and develop your online presence.

The temptation to go live as soon as possible is a very compelling one because the sooner your site is up, the sooner you can get traffic… and the sooner you can get income. However, a far better strategy is to make sure that your website complements a comprehensive marketing plan. Every page that you put up – landing pages, home pages, checkout pages – needs to be designed to maximize traffic and ease of use for the consumer.

Take a tip from Google’s mission: focus on making negotiating your website simple and user-friendly. Sending your user to laser targeted landing pages based on their searches, instead of the home page, is just one way to make your website stand out from the competition.

2. Use affiliates and associates to dominate your niche.

Your website doesn’t have to be the only one working for you. One of the most successful Internet marketing tips coming into vogue involves finding people to set up affiliate and/or associate websites that send traffic your way. You can set up a PPC (pay-per-click) payment system for your organization, so they get value when they earn it, by sending customers who come to you and buy. The more sites you have funneling traffic in your direction, the more value you will get for your Internet investment.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques to get your page ranked highly in search results.

Use keyword analysis tools like AdWords to see what keywords will get the most hits for you. You can even buy sponsored results on Google and other search engines to get preferred placement once users do search for your keywords. This is one of the most crucial Internet marketing tips out there – because it’s rare for users to even go to page two of search results. You want your site to be at the top when people search for what you have.

4. Put together a solid opt-in email marketing system.

Don’t give your special deals away without making sure that your customer email addresses are real and belong to people who are interested in your product. Setting up a double opt-in system that makes users click on a link in their in-boxes to verify the addresses is an Internet marketing tip that will keep you from sending e-mails to invalid addresses.

Most marketers don’t do this because they just want a large list… bigger is not always better when it comes to a list. 100 highly targeted leads who truly want to learn about what you have to offer are worth far more than 1000 junk leads.

5. Compose and publish web press releases.

Why not be your own press agent? There’s no reason why you can’t e-blast your presence out there for everyone to see. Obviously, if you’re going to take advantage of this Internet marketing strategy, you want to have a newsworthy event. For example, launches of websites and individual products are worth putting out a fresh release.

Use these Internet marketing tips to take your website to the next level!